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“I just wanted to drop a note of thanks for the excellent fishing I experienced while staying at GCO back on March 13th and 14th, 2008. I really enjoyed fishing with you and learned quite a lot! Thanks for teaching me how to recognize and properly react to the “feel” of a biting walleye! I’m glad I was with GCO when I caught my first one in Virginia. I’m sure I’ll be thinking of you each time I set the hook on future walleye. Thanks also for the expert raft maneuvering and great conversation as I rattled the lure through the ledges of the “Promised Land.” I have not had a smallmouth day like that since the 1980’s! Thanks Again Guys!” – Stephen J. Miklandric, Richmond, VA  

“I wanted to drop you a line and thank you for a wonderful experience on my float trip. Our guide was fantastic in every sense of the word. His knowledge of the river, its history, the fauna, and the fish was great. We had great time fishing, talking and joking around. I appreciated how after I landed my big fish he concentrated on getting my son into a big fish also. He is one of the best guides I have ever had the pleasure to be on the water with. And of course the beautiful 24″ smallie was a definite plus and great experience I will never forget.” – Wayne F. White, Granby, CT

“Greasy Creek is one great outfitter. If you like smallmouth bass and want to fish one of the best rivers in the country, the New River, then these are the guys to talk to. GCO’s knowledge of this river is impressive. The New is full of monster smallmouth, and on my trip I was introduced to some of them. Particularly exciting was the double hookup and subsequent landing of two citations. One was 20.5 inches and the other was 22 inches. My partner and I cast to the same general area and both of us hooked our monsters right away. One of them blew up on my buzzbait and the other one hit a spinnerbait. What a thrill! Thanks GCO for my first citation smallie.” – John Scott, Richmond, VA  
“Greasy Creek Outfitters’ knowledge of the river was very evident. My guide had me cast to unseen structure producing some nice smallmouths and a couple of walleyes. I missed a few fish and lost a nice (5lb. plus) walleye on a crankbait. He then told me to keep casting my buzzbait to a large boulder. Suddenly the water exploded! Not like a big bass hit but like a couple M-80s went off. The fish sounded and my guide yelled MUSKIE! He knew that fish was there. After a few strong runs the fish jumped, and 40 inches of toothy critter came completely out of the water and did a 360 in the air. Awesome!!”
– Dick Rollins, Richmond, VA  

“Certainly enjoyed my part two of your four trip package. The fights of the 21″ and 22″ citation smallies were fantastic (along with the other smallies caught) and rounding out the trip with a walleye and 29″ striper were great as well. I also enjoyed our previous trips and look forward to our upcoming ones. The New River is certainly a world class fishery and your expertise and service is exceptional.”
– Frank Goley, Forest, VA    
“Thanks for a great guide trip! Fish On! Not just monster smallmouth…but the biggest walleye citation registered in the state of Virginia in 2003?! How awesome that was! You not only put my son and I on citation smallmouth, which is great in itself, but a once in a lifetime trophy walleye to boot! Great time! Great memories! Greasy Creek Outfitters does it right.” – John and Hunter Flick, Roanoke, VA
“My husband and I took two New River floats with Greasy Creek Outfitters in 2004. We had a great time and caught a lot of fish, including two citation size smallmouths. GCO has great guides, who are very knowledgeable about the river and handling the raft. They can put you on the fish with the right lure to catch them, which made for a good day of fishing and enjoying the great scenery. We highly recommend GCO to anyone interested in a day of great fishing and scenery.” – Bob & Brenda Kelley, Roanoke, VA  

“My son has been raving about Greasy Creek Outfitters for years–for Father’s Day he took me on a guided trip with GCO. I had never fished the New River before, but their rafts are the only way to go! The ride was great, the scenery incredible and the fishing was world class. My guide had me working a spinner bait like a pro in no time at all and shortly thereafter I hooked my first smallmouth bass ever, and a 5 lb. citation to boot !! I have fished all over the world, and floating the New River ranks up there at the top of my list of most memorable trips!!” – J. Kemp, Annandale, VA
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