Fishing on the Upper New River


The New River has long been a renowned, world-class bronzeback fishery.

Whether pursuing smallies with a fly rod or conventional tackle, you will never forget the experience. 

Our fishing techniques and presentations may change throughout the season as needed to target trophy specimens, but our general fishing window is April-October. 


Although walleye can be caught year round, we specialize in targeting migratory fish in the river and lake February-March, thus be prepared for extreme weather conditions on the water. There is a limited window for these trips, so be sure to book early.


The New River is arguably the top muskie fishery in the southeast.

For targeting these leviathans year round, heavy gear is the norm, however muskies can arguably be better targeted with fly rod and musky flies with better success.

Lots of casting work is involved but the reward is priceless.  Be ready to hang on, as these monsters put on incredible aerial displays.


The New River is dammed at Radford, forming the 4700 acre Claytor Lake which is stocked with striped and hybrid bass.

Stripers invade the river upstream of the lake on a seasonal basis and provide some drag-screaming action.

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